10 Most Important On-Page SEO Factors Google Says To Pay Attention in 2022

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Let’s start this guide with a simple question, do you want to rank No.1 on Google’s first page? If yes, then you are most probably well-aware of the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The most dramatic change in your ranking is engendered by optimizing your site interface and content for the readers. In technical terminology, as a part of SEO, everything that we optimize on the website, whether the content, theme, or loading speed, is On-page SEO. 2021 has gone, and new updates have been introduced by Google that will help rank your website for high-volume targeted keywords in 2022. Instead of beating around the bush, let’s explore the actual matter of this blog. 

Here is a list of complete On-page SEO factors that Google, Baidu, and other search engines will consider to decide which result to show at what position. If you grasp the practicality of optimizing your website for these on-page SEO factors, we bet that you will see a stream of traffic boost for your web pages. But, wait! Before we dive into these factors, our readers must essentially know why on-page SEO has so much importance.

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Why Is On-Page SEO Important?

Whichever search engine you take for example, they all want to create engineered algorithms that rank the web pages for specific queries to provide value to the user. Perhaps, we can sometimes rank for irrelevant queries that offer negligible or no value to the user. The king of search engines, Google, is focused on improving the algorithms to create a complete sense of usability, search intent, and relevance. In 2022, if your business website or personal blog is ready to attract thousands of page views, that must be because of optimizing your page for the On-page SEO factors and search intent when publishing dozens of contents. Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing field, and local SEO companies in the USA must stay aware of the latest SEO techniques. 

With time, things will grow up, so will the search engines. You cannot rank your blog or service page for targeted keywords unless you are not adequately optimizing for those keywords. Producing high-quality content doesn’t work, and it alone cannot send you millions of potential traffic unless you optimize it according to a user’s intent. Moreover, the choice of keywords and the information you share can create a world of difference in your position in Google. Now, you must have grasped how important it is to devise an On-page SEO strategy in 2022. 

Let’s begin our guide by discussing the factors that will improve your on-page SEO.

On-page SEO Factors That Work In 2022

This list of On-page SEO factors 2022 is the blueprint you can follow to appear as an authority website in search engines and boom your business.

Research Keywords

You will never win the race of SEO if you fail to succeed in this part of the game. The role of keywords may seem less severe to the newbies who have entered the digital world as they have never been acquainted with Google, Bing, and Baidu. All major search engines are trying to create an atmosphere where the results for a specific query must be of value to the user. Search engines will pass value to your web page if you follow the best SEO practices like finding targeted keywords and optimizing the page.

For example, you sell shoes. To rank in the 1st position of Google, you will need to find low-competitive keywords that match user intent and the products you’re selling. For selling sports shoes, you can target the keywords like:

  • Best sports shoes
  • Cheap sports shoes
  • What to buy the best sports shoes?

You can also minimize your audience. Let’s take an example. You are a shoe brand but don’t sell your products in the United Kingdom but operate in all USA states. Thus, your keywords will be transformed like:

  • Best sports shoes in the USA
  • Cheap Sports shoes in the United States

Moreover, you can also further narrow down your audience by targeting a state.

Pro Tip: Use at least five semantic keywords that reflect your product or content.

Write For The Readers

According to companies providing digital marketing services in the USA, the content will be even more crucial to ranking in 2022 & beyond. When you are done with finding keywords according to your blog post topic or the type of product, the very next step is to produce high-quality content. Incorporating your keywords and providing maximum knowledge to your readers is what makes you win over other web pages. It would be best to use the primary keyword a couple of times. According to Alexa, the ideal keyword density should be 1-2% which means that you must use your primary keyword 20 times in a 1000-word content. 

Not necessarily, you should be using the primary keyword 20 times in a thousand-word content, but focusing at what range the keyword looks natural is a great strategy to pursue. With an exception to using the main keyword, you should incorporate LSI keywords that will support the primary keyword as an authoritative query that Google should rank for your specific page.

Pro Tip: Observe the content marketing plan of your competitors. Find out what they are not doing, which you can do to make Google realize you are authoritative.

Keep URLs Short

Keeping the URLs short, clear, and direct is smart to get ranked. Letting URLs stay short may or may not directly impact the SEO of a website or rankings, but it can indirectly make a difference. If you have been open to the business for a significant period on the internet, you probably know the term Click-Through-Rate. If anyone searching for a particular query isn’t clicking on your SERP, the URL, meta title, or meta description is a culprit. Thus, we suggest that you must use short URLs.

Pro Tip: URL is an address of a web page. Engulfing your main keyword in the URL will tell Google your page is authoritative about a particular topic.

Include Main Keyword In Meta Title & Description

Google does not read your content as a man does. A system works on Google’s behalf to understand your website’s value, information, and data. So, how will you tell Google your web page is about your products? If you sell affordable SEO services, then you need to inform Google that your website is authoritative to appear on the 1st page when someone searches for affordable SEO services. 

The way to inform Google about what we do on our website is by using metadata. All the settings are mostly done automatically by the content management system you’re using, like WordPress. The two things you need to optimize matter a lot for search engines. These two things are:

  • Meta title
  • Meta description

The meta title should give a topical summary of your web page, whereas the description should be a summary of your webpage. Indeed, your next question should be, “What is an ideal length of meta title and description.” 

In general, the meta title and description lengths are 55-60 and 155-160 characters, respectively. 

Pro Tip: Use your primary keyword in the Meta title and description.

Help Google Understand Your Site By Structured Data

Structured Data is another way that helps search engines understand your content. Don’t know what Structured Data is? It is a code that you need to place in the coding of every page to let Google identify what the page is about. For example, you are writing an article related to your product on your website. So, your structured data code tells Google and other search engines that this web page contains an article. In this way, the search engines will likely know the value you are providing to your readers.

Pro Tip: Optimize every page according to the type of content you are producing. You can check the data structure using tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and SEMrush.

Never Forget Internal Linking

Internal linking means to interlink your web page to another within your website. Do you know why internal linking is important? It helps search engines crawl and index multiple pages available on your website to a great extent. Speaking on a broad scope of traffic analytics, a single product page of your website is ranking; you can link to another page within the ranking page to let users know that relevant information or product is also available on other pages. In this way, the bounce rate of your website will decrease, and you can expect more rankings for other pages as well.

Pro Tip: When publishing a web page, link to another using the right and targeted anchor text.

External Linking

External linking is crucial when discussing the best SEO practices in 2022. As we mentioned before, search engines build engineered internet systems to meet user needs; thus, it is necessary to say the source of information when quoting a particular thing on your web page. When discussing the keyword density in the previous heading, we mentioned Alexa. Thus, for a better SEO of this page, we should link to it to let Google understand this keyword density information is available on Alexa that we quoted in this article. 

Pro Tip: Never link to someone targeting the keywords or niche you are working in. Otherwise, you are back-linking to another page, reducing your ranking chances.

Image Optimization

What if you are using images on your page? Do you think that Google will understand what that is about? No, it cannot find the purpose of the image yet in 2022. But, we can tell Google what a specific image is about using image Alt text. 

Image Alt Text looks something like this in the coding of a web page: 

<img src=”Image URL” alt=”Text describing the purpose of image or what is in the image”>

In addition, using the latest image format like Webp can improve your presence in Google Images. 

Pro Tip: Replace the name of your image file with the primary keyword. Use the LSI keyword as Alt Text.

Boost Your Site Speed

It matters a lot for Google and users how faster your content loads when a user lands on your page. If your website’s loading speed is not upright, you won’t get Google’s attention most probably. When a user bounces back without taking any action on your website, the bounce rate will increase. The increase in bounce rate will destroy the rankings of your website. 

Here are some good practices to reduce the loading time of your website:

  • Compress images
  • Reduce JavaScript 
  • Minify CSS And HTML Use
  • Avoid Redirecting Pages
  • Use Best Server

Pro Tip: Use the best hosting with a reliable server option. Convert all images to Webp format and reduce the file size.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are on-page SEO factors for 2022?

On-page SEO factors are the best SEO practices in 2022 that will help your website rank higher in the search engines. We have covered the most common on-page SEO factors to make Google send millions of visitors to your website every month.

Will on-page SEO increase my website traffic?

On-page SEO is 85% part of the overall SEO. When you optimize your website, your pages will better perform in Google, Bing, and many other search engines. Thus, you can rest self-confident that your website traffic will gradually increase when you properly work on the on-page SEO factors 2022.

Does on-page SEO increase page authority?

Yes, on-page SEO factors will affect the page authority of your website. If you produce dozens of articles that get impressive attention on social platforms and get shared, you will be back-linked by many authoritative sites as well.

Final Words

In conclusion, it was all about the best on-page SEO factors that will produce results in 2022. If you adhere to them and perform with care, you will win over your competitors. Focusing on off-page SEO is like diving into a win-win situation. Moreover, if you face complex problems while doing on-page and off-page SEO on your own, the best SEO team at Top Page Rankers is available for your service anytime.

To know about our affordable SEO services, give us a call.

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