5 Easy Steps To Make Your Google My Business Page Stand Out

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If you run a business or a company, you have likely heard of Google My Business. It is a platform where you can create your business page to ensure your customers can easily find your website and information. It’s also a great way to build trust with potential customers by providing them with all the information they could need about your business in one convenient location. Writing a stellar Google My Business page isn’t hard. It just takes some planning and persistence, which Google My Business SEO services can provide.

Create Your Listing On Google My Business

The first thing to follow is to make sure your business is listed on Google Maps, which you can check by searching for your business’s name in the search bar at the top of any Google page. If your company doesn’t show up on that list, click “more” at the bottom right corner of the map and fill out the form to claim your listing. After creating your listing, you have to find a way to make your GMB listing stand out from your competitor’s listings. If you want to transform your GMB listing into a productive salesperson, grabbing clients for your business, then follow these steps.

Step 1: Add your Business Address

After logging into your GMB dashboard, click on the three vertical dots on the bottom right corner and select “add address.” Add your business information. Make sure to include all the details which will be visible publicly. On the next page, fill in the form with your ownership details. Add yourself as an owner of that business to get your business verified.

Step 2: Add your website URL to your Google My Business page

After you have added your business name, address, and phone number to your Google My Business page, it is essential that you also add your website URL. The URL must be the exact path to your business landing page, not just the home page. To add your landing page link, go back to the edit listing screen in Google My Business and look for an “Add Website link” next to the website field. If there is no link, click on “add another” and then type in the full web address of your business website into that field.

Step 3: Choose an accurate category for your business

When registering your business in GMB, make sure you choose the correct type for your industry. Contact your Google My Business SEO service to know more information about the niche you are providing your services. If you don’t select the right category, people may not find you when searching on Google Maps or Google.

Step 4: Add the correct opening hours to your GMB listing

To make your listing more productive and look unique than your competitor’s listings, make sure to update the opening hours. Adding incorrect opening hours is a common mistake that can be easily avoided. To do this, click on “Opening hours.” Add your hours there and hit Save. Adding correct opening hours will enhance the trust of your customers in your brand.

Step 5: Write a compelling description of what makes you unique

Write a detailed description of what makes your company special and how it stands out from the competition. You should include information about where you started, why you created it, and what makes your product or service unique from others in the industry. This includes details on not just what you do but also why you are passionate about it.

Final Words

If you wish to make your GMB listing stand out, contact USA SEO Company Top Page Rankers as they are global leaders in Google My Business optimization service. They will take care of everything that can improve the visibility of your GMB listing.

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