9 Must-Have Metrics to Include in Your Digital Marketing Report

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No marketing agency can succeed monthly without delivering regular marketing reports. This is often a very time-consuming task each month, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Once you have used this report to highlight your achievements and critical strategies, you can reuse it for the following month. This is especially useful for the Digital Marketing Services USA provider. The marketing report can also be used to draw attention to any problems that occurred and offer solutions. Each month, you should include the following arguments in your marketing report.

1. Brief Introduction of the Project’s Goals

A project overview is one of the essential metrics and should be in the opening section of your marketing report. You should keep your document concise so that it is easy to read. Data visualization tools help to make information more accessible. Give the client a general idea of whether the marketing efforts worked for him or not. If you want more information about what has been emphasized in this section, look no further.

2. Contemporary Marketing Strategy

It is crucial to reassess your marketing reports because it is possible that those reports are not well-versed, which could affect the marketing strategy. Moreover, this section is the core of this article as it explains the importance of marketing strategy. In this section, some of the questions will be answered, such as;

  • Who are the intended clients?
  • What are some of the most effective marketing channels?
  • What occasions for advancement are you taking advantage of right now?
  • What is the project’s current scope?

After ensuring that the project’s scope is defined, you will have trust in your marketing plan. Moreover, if your digital marketing services in the USA include SEO company in USA , the report section offers a general review of your SEO activities. This is also a fantastic spot to discuss your marketing strategy targeting clients and how to obtain customers.

3. The Basics of SEO

The SEO overview section mentions keyword research, site optimization, or link building. Your client’s website rankings have improved, and what you have done to achieve these outcomes is described in this section. Website audit displays new backlinks and the overall progress of the website.

Search engine rankings for several keywords should be included in the search optimization section. Use short keyword lists that your client does well in and the keywords your client should focus on to improve the rankings.

4. Metrics to Track Traffic

To properly analyze website traffic, it is critical to understand the means that generate the maximum traffic. Metrics included in this section of the report comprise: how do people find you? Were they referred? Did they find through organic search, paid search, or emailed? Some other chief elements are as follow: 

  • Best Landing Pages
  • The proportion of new users
  • Top Recommendations
  • Rate of Bounce
  • Pages/Session
  • Performance of Email Campaigns

Above mentioned traffic metrics are a great place to start when making recommendations in other report sections. To advance your marketing strategy for the upcoming month, utilize these performance metrics.

5. Look at Conversion Metrics

As a business owner, you want to keep your clients’ focus on relevant metrics of their preference. Your marketing report should be built around the conversion metrics interval, with multiple charts and graphs to show the most critical data that interest your clients.

Simplify the reading process. For your client’s benefit, try to keep the report simple to understand. It should explain that where you stand in comparison to your progress and goals. To enhance data analysis, must include a variety of conversion metrics in the report.

  • Paid leads vs. Organic leads
  • Average CPC of purchased channels (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.)
  • Leadership by channels (Paid Search, Email, Organic Search, Referral, Email, Social, etc.)
  • To determine where you stand and where there is room for improvement, compare these month-to-month metrics.

Please make sure to check all these data points against the various marketing channels. You should always make recommendations to clients if they have a limited budget.

Overview of Social Media

Social media is a vital component of digital marketing that can be used in various ways depending on the business objective. To determine their effectiveness, these methods should be evaluated every month. When assessing the success of a forum, keep metrics like engagement in mind. Add a web traffic report that includes traffic from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter if you want to demonstrate how we can explore new opportunities through social media.

6. Traffic Through Blogging and Lead-generation

Thoroughly explain blog traffic and leads, especially if you are handling a client’s content marketing strategy. Review how your readers discover your content on the blog and assess which marketing channels could use some fine-tuning. This data must be recorded monthly to make sure the blog runs at maximum efficiency. Use this to highlight and refine the content strategy.

7. Objectives and Strategies

Businesses grow when they set goals and achieve them, so plan to include a section focusing on objectives and ideas in the monthly report. Reexamine your monthly goals to see how your progress is coming along. Upcoming marketing campaigns should be highlighted. This makes it possible for clients to be involved in your project and allows them to stay updated on your progress.

8. The Financial Projects Overview

This report section mainly contains everything stated in the marketing plan. Therefore, discuss the impending promotional expenditures you expect to spend in the following month, as well as the expected ROI. The financial projections section should mention the cost of accomplishing the goals you have identified in the marketing report.


An effective digital marketing strategy contains many aspects, and it is essential to focus on all these aspects altogether; if not, the plan would remain ineffective. Therefore, it is crucial to utilize every social platform and keep clients engaged in the strategy.

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