Epoxy Pro GA

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Epoxy Pro GA

About Client

Omar Madjitov is a student entrepreneur who applies epoxy coating on the floors of his customers. He wants to grow this business not as a side hustle but as a seasoned businessman who operates his business to scale it up.

About Product

The client does epoxy flooring by applying an extra layer of epoxy over the concrete substrates and other floorings to enhance their protection and add a decorative touch. He wanted us to show his clients a variety of epoxy solutions that he has. We developed a website for the client on which we have shown his customers the details of the solutions like options of thickness, customization, and colors.

We started our work by looking for the direct and indirect competitors serving in the same business area to take the lead from them. Omer’s website was designed to showcase a variety of services and the work quality he provides, so we used a customized web design to display his work. Our client’s end goal was to broaden his business, so we exceeded the website reach to 25 miles to influence the maximum number of potential customers. The keywords that we used were target-oriented and derived the expected results. Through proper marketing, we started generating leads, and Omer was overwhelmed with the noticeable business growth.

The client shared the old website he had built through his last agency, so we thoroughly examined the complete website to avoid mistakes. The old website had zero animations, an outdated design, and less load speed due to poor optimization. By talking to him, our expert coordinator found that the main reason not to continue with the last agency was insufficient work quality and lack of communication. We designed a customized theme based on the client’s requirements and communicated all the major characteristics with Chris to keep him in the loop. Our design portrayed premium vibes, the animations were interactive, and the overall website was optimized.

Challenges And Solutions



Lack of positive user engagement from searchers
We developed website content that truly adds value to the visitor’s choices and also added visual elements to increase engagement.
He was struggling to upgrade technology for his business operations
We utilized the latest tech stack to develop and maintain his business website.
Need for a techno-functional IT vendor
We assigned a dedicated team of IT and digital marketing experts to oversee the development of digital products and the marketing of the business.
Unable to generate leads for business
We developed a website with an effective sales funnel and optimized it for search engines.
Unable to target the right audience and low ROI
We targeted the right keywords with commercial intent and added CTA to the website.


  • The website was being crawled by Google bots instantly after its launch, and Increased ROI was observed because most of the keywords we targeted were with commercial intent.
  • An increase in the number of leads was seen as most potential customers were reaching out to our clients looking to get epoxy floors in their homes.
  • The website was getting higher traffic than before because it was ranked on the first page of Google against 3 to 5 keywords.

Colorful Carpets

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