Miami Construction Broker

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Miami Construction Brooker

About Client

Miami Construction Broker is a leading flooring company offering its services to the residential and commercial sectors for over a decade. Scrolling through the internet, we found Miami Construction Broker offering outstanding services but still lagging over google due to insufficient SEO efforts. Our experts saw the potential for business growth, so we did our research and reached out to the Miami Construction Broker in June 2020.

About Services

Our client offers vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, and tile work services. The client made it clear that he wanted to be ranked # 1 on the Google Search Engine Result Page in Kendall, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Homestead, Hialeah, Cutler Bay, Doral, Naples, Vero Beach, and Port St. Like any other business, our client wanted sufficient growth in his business by increasing the number of customers with the help of the internet.

Our first approach to rank the existing website was WEB SEO. We did pretty great and brought our client into the limelight. The competition was strong on keywords, so after a few meetings between our think tanks, we modified our strategy and decided to use landing pages for SEO. After 70-90 days, we finally ranked our client’s website at the top across all of Florida. Even though we were ranking at the top, our client was not getting enough responses from his business. We ran a complete website audit and noticed that it lacks the attributes to attract customers. The website had an unclear value proposition, so this is where we asked Julio that we needed to redesign his website from up.

When we went deeper into the previously built website of the client, it had Zero to no optimization. Therefore, it was not ranked high on the Google search engine. The website had a dull outlook and an outdated theme which was not complementing the client’s work and the company’s capacity for work. We created his SEO website, demonstrating the client’s work potential with a clear structure, non-distracting design, a work-oriented approach, an easy-to-use layout, and a highly optimized interface. Upon request, his wife, Kerry, allowed us to optimize their GMB profile, and we started to generate quick results beyond their expectations.

Our team started work by analyzing the current website. While auditing the website, we found many flaws, including complex UI, coding errors, unappealing design, heavy bounce rate, and loading speed. So, we decided to build the website from scratch. Our design team worked on a simple and interactive design that’s easy to use for potential customers and visitors. We chose the best hosting for the website and resolved the loading speed issue.
Meanwhile, our SEO team was working on ranking the client’s website over the top, so they get a significant share of this highly competitive niche. We did our best and secured the top ranking on the GOOGLE SERP. Our client was astonished by the final result, and most importantly, EZ Landscape started getting clients through their websites.

We started our work by looking for the direct and indirect competitors serving in the same business area to take the lead from them. Omer’s website was designed to showcase a variety of services and the work quality he provides, so we used a customized web design to display his work. Our client’s end goal was to broaden his business, so we exceeded the website reach to 25 miles to influence the maximum number of potential customers. The keywords that we used were target-oriented and derived the expected results. Through proper marketing, we started generating leads, and Omer was overwhelmed with the noticeable business growth.

The client shared the old website he had built through his last agency, so we thoroughly examined the complete website to avoid mistakes. The old website had zero animations, an outdated design, and less load speed due to poor optimization. By talking to him, our expert coordinator found that the main reason not to continue with the last agency was insufficient work quality and lack of communication. We designed a customized theme based on the client’s requirements and communicated all the major characteristics with Chris to keep him in the loop. Our design portrayed premium vibes, the animations were interactive, and the overall website was optimized.

Challenges And Solutions



The client wanted to rank # 1 on the Google SERP.
The client’s website was optimized through Web SEO and pushed the website ranking.
The competition was heavy, on top rank keywords.
We changed our approach and used targeted area landing pages to rank at the top.
The client’s website had a significantly high bounce rate.
We enhanced the website appeal by adding high-value services, selling points, and features.
Even though our client ranked at # 1, the client was not getting the conversions in the sales funnel.
We ran a website audit and redesigned the complete website. We designed the UI and changed the written content to share our message more proficiently


Our strategy greatly impacted the overall business performance, and the client was flabbergasted by the following results.

Google SERP Ranking

Secured No 1. Ranking In Florida

Website Interactivity

320% Website Traffic Increment

Business Boost

200% Clients Increase

Colorful Carpets

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