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Optimizing Your GMB Profile for Active Traffic

With Google being the most visited website in the world, using its functionality to promote your business and increase your online presence is a great way to put your business on the map. This feature helps you create a profile that details your business’s location, photos, products, and services. The main idea is to help customers navigate their way to your business when searching for similar products. Our Google My Business management service helps drive more traffic to your profile via mobile, maps, and Google searches. This service benefits both Area Targetting Businesses and businesses with a physical presence.

Process of Our Local SEO Services Experts

GMB Statistics

The Process to Achieve Higher Search Ranking

Google determines your search ranking based on the relevance, the outreach distance, and the prominence of your brand. Then the question arises of how these three factors can be enhanced. Our Google business manager has highlighted some steps that can be taken to maximize the results:

How TPR increases your Ranking and Traffic


Improve Local Rankings

With the right strategy, your local rankings can skyrocket! This is induced by Google’s engagement signals, including searches and Q&A, to influence your reputation directly.


Enhancing Brand Reputation

Implementing a strategized and customized on-brand policy allows us to eliminate a customer’s remorse and solidify customer relations.


Captivating Customers by Engagement

To increase customer reach, we spread the word of your business like fire through advertisements and news about your products, blogs, and photos.


Expert Optimization

By tailoring your listing and maximizing your GMB features, we ensure you don’t miss out on any leads.


Comprehensive Reporting

Our transparent reports and dashboards highlight results for your optimized GMB and insights into your website traffic.

Award-Winning Google My Business Services

Our vetted website developers will create a customized website to achieve all of your business goals

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