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Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is the most prevailing technology of the current era. Due to its versatility and configuration in almost every field, it is now swept across the world within a few years. AI is helping businesses, researchers, medical and almost every field with automation to provide the maximum efficiency. AI is changing the world and making it more sustainable than it ever had.

So what is AI in actuality? Artificial intelligence is the capability of a computer or a computer-operated robot to complete the tasks by using the given set of information called a “program.”AI has been adopted so fast that it has already changed the concept of doing many things like traveling, shopping, and manufacturing. 

You might wonder how AI is changing your life, or are you getting benefits from this amazing technology or not? Let’s have a look at some examples.

If you have ever used Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa to dial a call or to order your food, you have witnessed the luxury of artificial intelligence cause all these phone assistance programs are designed and work with the help of artificial intelligence. Google Maps is also a very good example as it facilitates the commutes by making you fully aware of the best routes with less congestion using AI. There are many other ways AI is helping us in making our daily lives much easier.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing 

While all the fields are adopting artificial intelligence and being evolved with this amazing technology, the Digital marketing field has no exception. Digital Marketers are always on the hunt to find the best ways to bring more and more business to their organizations by making their campaigns more and more perfect.

According to a PwC report, about 72% of top businessmen agree that artificial intelligence can be used for business advantage. That’s why most leading marketing agencies have opted for artificial intelligence to increase their efficiency and campaign effectiveness.

Following are the five (5) best utilization of AI in the field of digital marketing, which many top marketing agencies and businesses are using to excel in their marketing techniques. This blog is also helpful for you if you are practicing the relevant field.

Interactive Chatbot

A chatbot is a merger of two words, “Chat” and “Bot,” which clearly defines the purpose of this amazing AI-based program that has revolutionized the marketing industry. These artificial intelligence programs are designed for communication.

We all know that communication is the most important part of marketing. For years, marketers have used the human workforce to talk to our customers and get massive conversions. Although digital communication with the help of humans was a very successful tool for bringing in more sales, it also had some flaws. 

We can’t deny the fact that the human body is quite capable and can be trained to do a specific job efficiently but have certain limitations. So human customer chat representatives have a certain speed and can’t handle more than one or two customers at a time. The second biggest flaw is that humans can’t work for 24 hours.

These all issues have gone to the past because, with the help of AI, chatbots have the ability to do the things that seemed impossible a few years ago. Unlike humans, Chatbots do not make any typing mistakes and errors. Chatbots are able to read the queries and answer accordingly. Moreover, a single chatbot can handle hundreds of customers at the same time and can keep working day and night 24/7.

At our leading agency Top Page Rankers, we are using chatbots for our clients to provide you best digital marketing services in USA, so we can increase your revenue and create a win-win situation for everyone.

Precise Targeting
Artificial intelligence has made it easy for marketers to use the available data in the most efficient manner. Experts always quote, “Know your Customer,” but why should we spend time knowing our customers than reaching the most people and try pitching a sale to everyone?! The answer is simple. Knowing the customer’s likes, dislikes, needs, and wants helps marketers to reach the customer with a proper message that targets the customer in the right manner and wins the sale. 

Now companies want to sell their products to the whole world, and knowing all the world is just not possible. This is the point where artificial intelligence jumps in. Marketers feed the data taken from large forums like Google, Facebook, and official surveys to the AI programs, through which artificial intelligence segregates your audience from the rest of the crowd. 

Precise targeting has many benefits and has helped marketers in running fruitful campaigns. Top marketers know that artificial intelligence has the potential to increase sales at the lowest cost and observe the high ROI (return on investment) results using AI.  

AI undeniably saves the marketing cost, but the other major benefit is time-saving. By using AI, the marketers only have to focus their attention on the potential buyers and shape their strategies according to them.

Content Marketing

Content creation is the most time-consuming and crucial part of marketing, hence being the biggest challenge for the markers. Top marketers always depend upon content marketing whether they want brand positioning, long-term customer relationship, or mass selling. 

As you all know, content is basically a message from one person to another party. Content can be in any form like blog, article, video, or audio, but what makes a content perfect is its relevance to the targeted audience. Good content always attracts the right audience, pleasantly communicates the message, and effectively serves the purpose.

With the use of AI, marketers now spread their content to a specific audience and potential customers. With such power, marketers are now able to position their products right in front of their potential customers, so they can influence the buying behavior and purchase decision of the people. Marketers with proper knowledge of AI are also spreading lessons of positive behavior and public service messages to make society a better place.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines like Google and Bing are the biggest arena for businesses to compete. Top marketers are always in the hustle to get the top rankings on the search engines in their relevant fields. Why is that so? Because search engines are now a day the biggest source of information and attract around 5 billion people from around the world, which is about 63% of the world population.

Best marketers rely on the technique of SEO (search engine optimization) to organically get the audience for conversions. Through research, HubSpot has revealed that about 50% of the total marketers use the SEO rankings and organic traffic as a tool to check their SEO performance. 

Top digital marketing agencies use the right artificial intelligence and make the crucial changes to bring up the desired results. These tools are complex and programmed to read the algorithms of Google, Bing, or other search engines to provide you with the necessary information that ensures your rankings

Search engine algorithms are complex and use a lot of factors to rate content, so it’s not easy to understand this complexity, and you might need the help of a local SEO company in USA. If you want to rank number one on the google list, you need an expert agency to handle the hassle. Top Page Rankers is a USA SEO company helping businesses to win the best ranks on Google through their excellent services and make your business approachable by google my business SEO service.

Enhancing User Experience (UX)

Great marketing now a day pays much attention to the user experience to attract, retain and convert the prospective user into loyal customers. However, AI can still not completely replace the human mind when it comes to creativity; it has gone through a lot of stages and is going to master creativity without human interventions in the coming years. 

For now, AI is a helping tool to enhance the user experience. With the help of other artificial intelligence programs, marketers can track the activities of a user and get useful data about every single user. When fed to an AI program, this precious data can help you understand the likes and dislikes of your customers.

Knowing every user individually with the help of AI enables the marketers to create a unique and enhanced user experience for every user according to their taste.

Summing UP

Artificial Intelligence is definitely a breakthrough in digital marketing and excels marketing to a whole new level. Best marketers understand the power of AI and use it for their organizational benefits. It has completely revolutionized the way of selling, and the best thing is it’s not just stopping right there because it’s just the beginning.

Many organizations have opted for this wonderful technology and started extracting fruitful results out of it. Now or later, every company will understand its paybacks and embrace this futuristic innovation for its benefit.

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