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Care and Security

Even when you are providing services to nourish the everyday lives of a common man, people often associate themselves with being tricked into getting services they don’t otherwise need. We at TPR create a positive brand image and ensure that your customers get the right message; their well-being and ease come before the business. With our effective marketing strategies, we help endorse a positive image of your intentions.

Cleaning Services

The professional cleaning industry is a highly saturated market; thus, it is very difficult to set your mark. The success of such businesses depends on the owners knowing how to market their cleaning services effectively. Focusing on the 4 P’s, namely, Price, Product, Place, and Promotion, TPR comes up with unique digital strategies to promote your services.

Salon Services

The trick to running a successful salon is summarized in one word; Marketing. Unlike other businesses and industries that sell and market physical products, salon services can’t be touched or felt, thus making it all the more difficult to promote them. With the right methods to target essential clients and promote your best services, we manage to make your salon stand out from the rest.

Home services

People are continuously looking for the latest and unique styles to enhance the look of their homes. These ever-changing end-user demands have created tight competition for home improvement service providers to stay at the top. We at Top Page Rankers have formulated a digital marketing strategy to boost your online presence so that people choose you to remodel the look and feel of their homes.

Art and Welfare

Marketing is an art, not just a science. This systemized process of creating awareness for any product, including art services such as painting, photography, and graphic design, fills the atmosphere with the magic of color. Knowing what picture, visual, and design to use as the headshot for the campaign, is an art that TPR is well versed in. We take the welfare industry to new heights through our extensive understanding of different art forms.

Finance and Documentation

Using various strategies, processes, and tools, we create awareness of brands to drive conversions for the banking and finance industry. We achieve this by building a connection with the customers, understanding their needs to generate content, and developing strategies that will keep your customers emotionally invested in the otherwise dry field.

General Contractors

A general contractor must keep its customers updated about the process, materials used, and progress of each construction project. Though general contractors are vast in number, you can still shine in the market through suitable digital methods and marketing planning. If you hire Top Page Rankers, we will help you gain good sales and get the customers you want.

Real Estate Services

People prefer to consult different websites about buying or selling a simple piece of land to understand better and check the credibility of that land. Real estate services with solid SEO and attractive websites will win their trust. Whether you already have solid digital planning or want to plan digital campaigns from scratch, we assure you we will meet your requirements with our extensive understanding and outstanding PPC, keyword trending, and SEO expertise. We will lead you to locate the refined client for your plot selling.


With our marketing services extending to different fields, we excel in the art and science of marketing the transportation and logistics industry. With value-added corporate messaging and a game plan to establish and enhance the current baseline, TPR provides Transporting Success, One Business at a Time.

Colorful Carpets

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