Local SEO Ranking Factors For Small Businesses

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Have you ever wondered about the importance of local SEO? Well, let us give you an example that will help you understand the significance of local SEO in promoting small businesses and increasing their sales. Open Google on your phone and search for “best Chinese restaurant.” You can see various names of restaurants at the top of your search results. None of them is from a massive food chain or the best Chinese restaurants in your country.

All the results you can see are locally-owned restaurants within your city or some miles away from your location. These local businesses were shown on the top by Google because of local SEO done by the best USA SEO company that is helping them get ahead of their competitors. Some factors need to be optimized locally to make your small business dominate the local search results.

Google My Business Listing

An established and verified Google My Business listing is a crucial step in optimizing your presence on the internet. It is a free tool that Google offers for small businesses operating locally. Your listing is probably the first thing that users came across while searching for local services and is also essential to get your business noticed by Google. The search algorithm of Google analyzes your location, contact information, category of your business, and the content in your listing to make it appear in the top search results. Setting up and verifying your GMB listing is incredibly important for small businesses. A local SEO company in USA will have to work further to optimize your listing to increase its visibility.

On-Page Factors

Search algorithms consider many on-page factors when your business faces analysis for local ranking. The most significant factors are listed below.

Local Keywords

First of all, the use of relevant keywords and their strategic placement is very crucial. A search engine will analyze these keywords to know where your business and site belong. They will significantly affect your ranking in a particular area of your industry.


NAP is jointly used for vital details like the name of your business, its area, and your contact number. These details on your site will help Google know about your location details that are further helpful for your ranking in the local area.

Mobile Friendliness

As most of the local searches are done remotely by users with the help of mobile phones, you have to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. To make your site easy to access on mobile phones, you have to increase its loading speed and use a mobile-relevant theme. You can use the expertise of an expert SEO company USA to increase the friendliness of your website’s interface.

Positive Reviews

Positive reviews are beneficial in painting your business as trustworthy, dependable, and legitimate. When your site is shown to the user, they will read all the available information to decide whether to hire your services or not. The presence of positive reviews will impact the decision-making process of your potential customers and will also help in local search ranking.

On-Site Action

Google’s algorithm perceives several actions on your website and other platforms to increase your ranking and cause your site to appear in top results. These actions tell Google how engaging is your content on the website and how users interact with your local business. The most critical activities that are sensed by Google’s algorithm are:

  • CTR (Click-through rate)
  • Mobile clicks to call
  • Social media Check-ins

Final Words

Knowing these factors alone is not sufficient for your business to grow online. To promote your business online, you should let a USA SEO company handle your SEO campaign. Top Page Rankers are one of the leading SEO companies in the USA that can help you optimize your presence and increase your sales.

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