Logo Design: The Ultimate Guide

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Are you struggling to make the best logo for your company? Making a logo is not an easy job, and it is far more complicated than just mere designing. But today, we’ll guide you step by step and make this difficult job a piece of cake for you.

Why your Brand Needs a Logo?

Logo helps your customers to differentiate your brand from the competitors and assist them in recognizing your products and services. So your brand needs a logo as a symbol of recognition. A logo must serve the purpose and must be designed in accordance with the ground rules of designing to make it perfect. Expert concludes that a perfect logo should be simple, unique, attractive, recognizable, and creative. We have discredited this process into ten easy steps to make the whole logo designing process easy for you. Follow these steps and make an awesome logo that perfectly suits your brand.
  1. Connect Through A Story

Other than making a profit, every brand has a purpose behind it, and that’s your story people can connect with. So take the first step and define the story you want to tell the people like; who you are, and what purpose you serve? Recently marketers have revealed that a brand story helps people to associate with your company and build a relationship through emotional connection. So your logo must have a backstory to make it sensible to your audience.
  1. Define Your Brand In Words

On the successful completion of step one, it’s time for you to brainstorm and choose the right set of words that perfectly define your brand. The use of the right words makes much more difference than anything else. Words directly impact the user’s mind, and if you are careful enough, it can also be the best boost to your brand. Another useful approach to getting the competitive edge is using SEO keywords which is possible for you with the help of a local SEO company in the USA like Top Page Rankers. We’ll discuss that too, but it’s just a talk for another day.
  1. Create A Rough Sketch Of Your Idea

When you are done defining your brand with the carefully chosen words, it’s time to grab a pencil and give life to your ideas onto a paper. The approach is simple, you just have a clear definition of your brand in your mind in the form of a clear word, and you have to draw the idea that best visualize those words. While drawing the sketches, keep them as simple as possible and flexible enough to make changes. Make a minimum of ten designs, so you have more options to choose one of the best.
  1. Know Your Audience

The best logos are always loved by the audience and attract them the most. When you have a handful of useful and creative designs, make sure that you only shortlist the logos from the audience’s perspective. Every piece of knowledge you have regarding your audience will take your decision closer to the user’s expectations. Knowing the audience is a good thing, but there’s a second approach for selecting the best design option. Share your designs with your family & friends and ask them to select the best option for you and take their opinion to make a final decision.
  1. Refine The Final Sketch

With the completion of step four, you’ll get the basic design foundation for your logo. Make the suggested changes in the sketch to complete its final appearance. While refining the sketch, it’s important to follow the ground rules of making logos to make it look professional. After finalizing the results, have a critical look at the completed product and ask yourself if there’s anything you missed? Or Is there room for improvement? Once you are satisfied with the answer, get ready for the technical work.
  1. Design The Logo

In the modern world, logos are mostly used in software forms, so they should be designed on computer software. Useful knowledge of the specific software will help you shift your logo from a paper to a much more useful soft design, just as you thought. Experts use different software to turn their idea into existence. If you think that you lack the perfection required to turn your sketch into software form logo, you might want to hire a digital agency with professional designers. They usually have exceptional hands-on experience in designing to offer web redesign services and logo designing to work on your sketched ideas.
  1. Choose The Right Colors To Fill In

Colors also give users a message about your brand due to their meanings. For example, the Red color symbolizes affection, anger, or sometimes an emergency, and similarly, the yellow color is a sign of energy, friendship, optimism, and joy. That’s why you should be very careful about the color choice. While choosing the right color, you should consider the trends and available color options associated with your brand’s operations. Colors help you increase the visibility of your logo and create relevancy to your offered services. For example, Top Page Rankers is a USA SEO Company offering google my business SEO service and google ranking services, so it uses colors that very nearly resemble google to show its relevance to their nature of services. Pro Tip: It is recommended to just select three or fewer colors to add to your logo for better results.
  1. Choose The Best Font

Since we are trying to make everything perfect, how can we forget about the font styles? Choosing the right font style is crucial to boost the logo’s meaning and create relevance to your brand’s main operation. Font styles portray an image of your brand to your customer’s mind; for example, if you are dealing in luxury services and products, you can use stylish fonts. On the contrary, if you are a company dealing in daily use products, then you might want to use simple fonts. Many brands use the customized fonts to keep their logos unique
  1. Scalability And Sizing

Scalability means the capacity to hold the change in size. In case of a logo, it means the characteristic of your logo to remain legible in different sizes. Since the logos are used on multiple platforms in different sizes, so, it is always recommended to check the scalability and sizing of the logo that you have made to avoid any inconveniences. The logo must be scalable enough to be seen on the small-scale screen as well as it should also maintain its quality on the bigger canvas.
  1. Take Opinions

Nothing is more valuable than a good honest opinion. Now when your logo is finalized and ready to publish, don’t hesitate to share it with people and take their opinion about the design, colors, and font. Taking multiple opinions might lead you to make certain changes, and with this, it’ll complete the process of logo design.

Summing Up

You must have understood the value of a great logo for a brand until now. Logos are not often changed for years, and they are meant to stay the same during your entire business journey but can have variations only when it’s much needed. Since the logo creation is a one-time process, you should give your all potential to pull out the amazing results. So, don’t rush to make the logo in an hour or two and give it the proper time that it deserves. We are sure that you’ll design the best logo by taking all these steps. Good luck!

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