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Our design team understands your business objectives and target audience to deliver engaging, user-friendly, and cost-effective solutions.

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At TPR, we use the latest technologies, platforms, and trends to design and develop custom apps that are responsive, interactive, and visually appealing.

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Our primary goal in offering the best web app development services, is to increase your brand’s visibility in the online space and help you achieve your business goals.


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Top Page Rankers is a Chicago-based web development firm. We specialize in developing high-quality, search engine-friendly websites. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best online presence and help them reach their marketing and business goals. We help individuals and businesses use information technology to its fullest potential. In an ever-changing world, our mission is to keep up with the latest trends and developments to offer only the most relevant and beneficial services.

SEO-Friendly Sites

We use the latest web technologies and tools to produce sites that look great, perform well on search engines and are easy to manage and update.

Client-Focused Approach

To assist our clients, we support developing and implementing intelligent content and innovative in-market strategies for our clients.

Latest Trends and Algorithm

We always keep up with the latest trends and algorithm changes to ensure our clients get the most out of their online presence.

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Web Design

TPR’s team will work with you to ensure your website is how you want it. You’ll be able to control your site’s content, design, and functionality. Plus, our platform is easy to use, so you can make changes and updates on your own.

eCommerce Web Development

We will help you set up an e-store through our eCommerce web development, which is visually appealing and has the right functionality. We have a team of experienced developers who will work dedicatedly on your project and deliver it within the specified timeframe.

WordPress Development

We work for the client’s requirements and always try to give our best in each project. Our developers have been performing WordPress site development for many years. So, you can trust us for your urgent project requirements.

Dynamic Websites

AT TPR, first, we identify what aspects of the site need to be dynamic. Then, we determine which technology is best suited for your website. We carefully select each tool so that it can scale along with your traffic.

Business Websites

Our team of developers, designers, and strategists work together to create beautiful, intuitive websites and web-based applications that are easy to use and achieve your business goals—our clientele range from small businesses to large enterprises.

Personal Website

A great way to prompt your new business or local brand is through a personal website. That’s why we develop technically sound personal websites that tell your tale, engage with clients, and establish credibility.

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Genesis Fogger

Hello, I’d like to tell you about my experience with Ben Martin of Top Page Rankers. About two months ago, a friend of mine, Chris, who has been working with Ben for a number of years, and I were talking about our businesses. And I was mentioning that my website just does not have the visibility that I needed, and I didn’t understand anything about SEO. So, that’s when he said you gotta give my friend Ben a call, and Ben and I started talking between the holidays. And then, we put a plan together here in January of 2022 on how to build the website that would work best for my business. And I can’t tell you how many hours we’ve spent together, how much time and energy and thoughtfulness he’s demonstrated. Sometimes I have a thought in my head, and Ben knows exactly what I’m talking about, and then he will be like, let’s get on a Zoom call. We will look at it together and show it to me. Hey, was that you had in your mind, and I’m like, exactly. So, I can’t say enough good things about Ben Martin and Top Page Rankers. My company is Genesisfogger.com. So, if you like to take a look at the work that Ben has done, just to give you an idea how specialized his skillset is, it’s incredible. And I can’t say enough good things. Thank you so much, Ben, appreciate it.


EZ Landscaping

Hi, this is AD from EZ Landscaping & Paving. And I want to say thank you to Ben Martin for helping us creating a website for our company. Also, he’s been helping us for updates on the website all this time between, on top of every issue that we have with our website. Very quick to answer the phone. Thank you, Ben Martin; Thank You Top Page Rankers and I would highly recommend this company, especially Ben Martin; Thank You.


Colorful Carpets

Hi, my name is Chris Howell. I own multiple businesses, and over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of different web designers who made websites for my businesses. A couple of years ago, I learned about the services of Top Page Rankers. They recently completed two websites for me that I couldn’t possibly be more happier with. The websites are simply gorgeous. They’re easy to navigate; they load quickly. We are getting lots of calls from people who found us online. They’re complimenting the appearance of the websites, and Top Page Rankers has been wonderful to work with. They’re very responsive, they’re friendly, and I just I highly recommend their services.


Zax Plumbing

Thanks to Top Page Rankers, we are now at the top of Google listing. Thanks Ben.


So Call Healthy Water

I just wanted to say how happy I’m finding Ben at Top Page Rankers. Because I’d hired somebody previously to work on my website, and it took them over nine months, and I still don’t have a website. So, thank God I found Ben and Top Page Rankers had expertise; they were able to listen to what I needed. And I got my website up and going, and I was also able to integrate a platform for people to buy my products from my website, which I didn’t had before. And it’s been only a few months, and I’m already getting a ton of calls, and my business has increased tremendously. It really is a professional website now, and I owed it all to Top Page Rankers. Thanks Ben.