What Is GMB and How to Rank Your Keywords Using It?

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The concept of marketing, advertising, and promotion have been among humans since they started dealings. Although, their approaches, methods, and strategies are continuously evolving. In the 21st century, digital marketing is an emerging arena. It has dominated the world of advertisement in a matter of time. The most foremost aspect of this field is Google My Business. Whether you are running an e-commerce trade or vast corporation, you need to register yourself on google. Although my business owners, due to the old school of thought, are not aware of the significance of GMB.

In this blog, let’s discuss all the aspects of Google My Business. And how you can effortlessly boost your commerce by optimizing your GMB profile.

Need To Understand The Concept of Google My Business

It is the age of the internet and technology. Everything from shopping to banking and marketing has entered the domain of online. Suppose people need a service provider, whether an electrician or lawyer, they take out their phones and search on Google. Now Google has a pattern involving complex algorithms to show the results. It refers to its business directory, Google My Business, and presents all businesses registered while the most optimized being at the top. In short words, GMB is the official business directory of Google!

 The Working Approach of Google My Business

Now that you identify what google my business is, the resulting question should be: How it Works?

You can view the GMB profile of our company Top Page Rankers on the screen short. It shows on the top of the right side of the Search Engine Result Page. Now anyone from any corner of the world looking for digital marketing services USA will view our profile. It provides all the information regarding our marketing agency along with contact details. 

It is ranked on top because of our effective Google My Business SEO Service. It provides the customer looking for our facilities an engaging, informative, and comprehensive outline. The information included in the GMB listing is as follows:

  • Name of the Business
  • Area of Service
  • Hours of Operation
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website URL
  • Images
  • Map
  • Directions
  • Customers Reviews & Ratings

A well-managed and optimized GMB profile represents the professionalism of a business. Everything that a potential customer is looking for sums up in it. Above all, being ranked topmost by Google, the #1 search engine globally, unquestionably marks a good impression on the customers.

How to Create a Google Profile?

Creating Google My Business Profile is not one of the most challenging tasks. But if you are not fully aware of the qualifications, it will not be straightforward either. Moreover, when generating accounts, you must make sure you get everything accurate the first time.

Let’s discuss the entire process in detail so you don’t have to face unnecessary complications while creating the account.

Set Up a New Standard Google Account

Visit https://accounts.google.com/signin to create your account. Although, make sure the account you are creating is strictly for business purposes. It is never wise to mix personal & professional, whether it be accounts or life! On the following page, click on Create Account option. Two additional options will appear in front of you. Make sure to choose “To Manage My Business.”

In the next phase of account creation, Google will ask about some necessary information regarding your business. Provide all the demanded data and make sure to be as accurate as possible. In this way, you can prevent yourself from needless issues in the long run.

Register Your GMB Profile

Registering your Google My Business Profile is one of the essential steps of your account creation process. To comprehend its importance, you need to understand the difference between the GMB profile and the GMB account.

The customer sees and interacts with your Google My Business profile, and it can exist independently. Although to manage an influential and persuasive profile, you need a GMB account. Thus, once you have an account, claim full ownership of your profile. Update the information carefully as it will be visible to the searchers.

Write Your Business Name

In the next step, you need to enter your business name. In some cases, you may share a business name with another business within your area. Then, Google will display you a list of those businesses. You can verify if these are other commerce or you already have a listing on google. Once definite, click on the section stating “Create A Business with This Name.”

Enter the Address & Location

These days not all businesses have shops and offices. Many people are running their trade online. For such business owners adding an address and location can be complicated. If you have any place where the client can visit, add that address. If there is no such place, you can add the service area instead of the location.

Google will also ask you to mark the location on Google Maps. It will help your clients to find the office and will also enhance the trustworthiness of your business.

There is also an alternative to add the location but hide it from the customers. Google doesn’t recommend it, but you can avail of this choice if you manage your business from home. Make sure to check the “I deliver goods and services to my customer” box.

Put in Your Contact Information

Now, you have to provide all your contact details. This option is not compulsory for everyone. But, if you want to enjoy all the benefits this platform offers, it is better to add accurate contact information. In case you change your phone number in the future, there is always an option to update. Though, make sure to change the details on all your business listings to avoid confusion.

These days almost every business has social media platforms. You can also add the links of your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platform on Google My Business. If you already have a website, then mention its URL on the profile. For those who don’t have the site, GMB offers to create a free google website. The reason is it is crucial to have a professional website to enhance the connectivity with the clients.


Fill In The Category of Your Business 

You have to choose the category of your business wisely as it impacts the entire search result of your business. It is better to search your competitors before filling this section. You could leave it for later if you are exhausted.  Moreover, the category section keeps on getting updates. So after the completion of your account, make sure to check the new updates now and then. In this way, if GMB introduces a new category that defines your business more elaborately, you can add that to your profile.

Verify Your Google My Business Account

Verification is the last step of account creation. Google needs to confirm that you are the rightful owner. There are several options to verify your google my business account. Some of them are as follows:

  •         Phone Verification
  •         Email Verification
  •         Postcard by Mail

There is an option known as Bulk Verification. It is ideal for businesses that offer their services in multiple locations.

After the verification, you have to review all the information and make final alternations. Once you are satisfied with your account and uploaded data, click on the Done Editing button.

Setting up the GMB account is the first step. But to rank your profile on Google, you may need the assistance of an experienced USA SEO Company. You can also do it yourself using local SEO tools, although professionals can promptly deliver better results.

Optimization of GMB Listings

According to the latest research, the conversion rate of GMB is double the average website conversion rate. That makes it one of the most powerful tools for online marketing. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize your GMB accounts. You can take assistance from a local business listing agency. Their experts will guide you about ways and means to increase your account ranking successfully.

Other than that, you can hire Google My Business SEO service and leave these tasks on them. Here are mentioned some innovative ways to optimize your account in the initial stages.

Be Specific When Choosing the Category

Rather than going for a general category, try to present your business in a specific manner. In this way, you can attract more relevant traffic, and the conversion rate will automatically increase. 

Choose Several Relevant Secondary Categories

Google provides you options to select about ten secondary categories. Avail of this opportunity to maximize your reach. By selecting multiple secondary categories, you can give Google and your customer a clear idea about your business.

Mention All Your Service Areas

If you offer your services in multiple areas, make sure to mention them all. It is also a great way to enhance your visibility and enjoy maximum outreach. Make sure only to list the local areas where you genuinely serve. Otherwise, Google may suspend your account for violation of rules.

Enter Keyword-Optimized Business Description

Your business description will make or break your image in the eyes of the customers. Therefore, write the description carefully as well as professionally. Highlight all the crucial aspects of your business and use keyword-rich content. For example, if you offer HVAC maintenance services, use words like air duct cleaning in the description.

Ask Your Customers to Rate & Review


Whenever you serve a gratified client, ask them to rate your business and leave a review. Google gives significant value to positive reviews, not to mention the grace five stars add to your profile. It will also leave an impressive impact on future customers.

Upload Photos on Your Profile

 It is a great and effective way to increase your GMB ranking on google. Keep your profile updated by posting a picture of your latest projects, events, products, or anything. You can post a photo with a happy customer after the completion of the service. All these will play a crucial role in optimizing your GMB profile.

Regularly Post New Updates

There is a feature of GMB that allows you to post regularly like Facebook. You can use this feature to post new updates regarding offers, services, discounts, and a new product launch. It is a great way to connect with your customers and gain their trust. By being smart and using keywords in these posts, you can speed up the process of optimization.


Optimize Your Business Website

Here is a tip for you, the customers who visit your GMB profile unquestionably check your business website. If you have a great outlook, but your website is outdated and poorly designed, it will ruin your brand image.  Thus, don’t just limit your focus to the GMB profile but also keep updating the website. A higher website ranking of google will have a positive impact on your GMB account optimization.

Significance of Google My Business

Many marketing experts think Google My Business is the future of online marketing. In our opinion, this very sentence is enough to elaborate on the significance of Google my business listings. Although, to clarify this point, let’s have a look at some of the most prominent benefits it offers:

Time & Cost-Efficient

One of the most astonishing benefits of Google My Business is time & cost efficiency. The platform is free for every business owner. Whether you run a workshop or cooperation, you can list your trade on google without any cost. With a specialized Google My Business SEO service, your listing will be at the top of SERP in a matter of time. It is also informal to manage and update your GMB business profile yourself without any difficulty.

Increase Your Visibility

Google My Business listings are an excellent means to increase your visibility. There is no doubt quality of services plays a significant role in the success of a business. Although, if people are not aware of your service standards, the demand will not increase. Therefore, you need to make sure your business is visible to potential customers looking for specific services. And GMB is an ideal platform for this task!

Ensure Consistency

The list of benefits you can appreciate by having a GMB account is never-ending & consistent! With time your profile will get highly optimized and professional. When the clients view it, they will instantly get all the information they were looking for all along. The number of positive reviews will also contribute a significant role. In this way, your business will keep on growing and developing at a rapid pace.

Provides A Great First Impression

When it comes to the business world, the first impression is all that matters. Google My Business provides you with the opportunity to make or break that first impression. All you have is about 10 sec to capture the interest of a client. It is only possible by ensuring a perfect business profile that provides all the details the searcher seeks.


Improves Search Engine Optimization

Having a resourceful and well-managed Google My Business Account improves the overall search engine optimization of your business. If you have a prospered website, connecting it with your GMB account will help Google understand your business. In this way, Google will show your business on top when someone searches for the facilities you provide.

Enhanced Connectivity with The Customer

Happy customers are the symbol of a successful business. The best way to ensure the satisfaction of your clients is by providing efficient communication. Google My Business is an excellent source for that. Your customer can connect with you directly, leave a review, and if you allow, they can also post pictures. It makes them feel valued and respected.

Offers Official Website

Many small and medium business owners don’t have a well-developed website. For such users, GMB provides a free official website feature. Google will create your website free of cost by using the account’s business information you have provided. Having a professional website is crucial these days as it enhances the conversion rate. You can also avail of leading digital marketing agency services USA to get your website design. Otherwise, Google has got your back in this matter.

Google My Business & Local SEO

The most effective and noticeable domain of Google My Business is limited to the boundaries of “Local Search.” Over 80% of the people search for local businesses on Google every day. By having an optimized and ranked GMB account, you can be their first and last choice. For this purpose, you may need the assistance of a local business listing agency. DIY is also an option, but you need a thorough understanding of SEO and keyword usage.


Here are some factors that affect the ranking of your profile:

  •         Your Google My Business Profile
  •         Backlinks
  •         Reviews
  •         On-Page Relevance
  •         Citation & NAPs

Your Google My Business Profile

As mentioned above in the blog, you need to create an optimized account. It plays an active role in the ranking of your business. By following the steps already mentioned, you can effortlessly appreciate a great GMB profile.


Adding backlinks is a great technique to improve your gmb ranking. For this, you need to activate the business site of your GMB dashboard. It is on the sidebar under the website. Then fill out all the fields and add a link to the body section. Once done, hit the checkmark.


Google value the reviews of clients. Thus, make sure to get as many reviews as possible and also respond to them. It is the most straightforward SEO technique for optimization.

On-Page Relevance

Relevance is crucial for ranking and optimization on Google maps. Everything should be relevant and specific, from information to the business description, posts, and web content. In this way, when the client searches, google algorithms find your business the most relevant and show it on the top.

Citation & NAPs

The NAPs refer to Name, Address, and Phone Number. They need to be accurate and consistent on all your listings and website. Google appreciates precise information. Although, if there is some confusion in the contact details, your account can get suspended.

Google My Business as Marketing Strategy

Google My Business is a result-driven marketing strategy practiced by several brands. From small businesses to vast corporations, everyone is using this platform to target their specific audience. What makes Google My Business tool stand out is its unique features and cost-effectiveness. Compared to other means and strategies, it is direct and prompt.

The increasing trend of online shopping, particularly after COVID-19, has twofold its significance. Today, if your business is not listed on GMB, you don’t exist for a large population, relying on google. Many USA SEO Companies offer Google My Business SEO services to optimize your account by employing professional tactics. And many famous bands have availed their assistance to increase their outreach.

Measure User Behavior & Track Traffic

Another fantastic feature offered by GMB is you can measure user behavior and track the account traffic. This data can help you analyze your marketing approach and make alternations where required. You can perform this task by using two methods:


UTM Tracking Code

This method is expensive but highly beneficial in the long run. In this way, you can measure all the on-site and off-site activity in one place. For this purpose, you have to visit the Google URL Builder site and fill out a form. Then you will get your custom UTM code. You have to copy the provided code and add it to your website by going to the profile’s dashboard. Now all you have to do is create a new filter and track the data without any difficulty.

GMB Dashboard

There is an option of insight on the GMB dashboard. You can access all the user metrics from there. Although, you have to visit the dashboard every time to check the data. It provides graphs and stats of people who visited your website or made a call last month. You can also get the keywords most searched by the people. People use this data to improve or alter your approach to maximize the outcome.

TPR – Google My Business Services


Being the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in the USA,

 TPR provides top-rated Google My Business SEO service to all its clients. We aim to make your business the first choice of the searcher with effective optimization. Our working process is thorough and systematic. It includes:

  •         Research & Analysis of Your Business
  •         Listing of All Growth Opportunities
  •         Best Content to Increase Prominence
  •         Complete Management of Your Listing
  •         Backlinks & Better Off-Page
  •         Monitoring of Traffic & Increasing Conversions

You can unquestionably count on our exceptional digital team and SEO experts to deliver desired outcomes. We value and strive for our client’s gratification, thus keep them updated with monthly reports. With us, rapid business growth is a guarantee.  We are up for any task, whether you want us to create, manage or optimize your GMB profile. 

Our assistance is not limited to GMB & local SEO services. You can also avail yourself of our website redesign services & development services, video & animation agency, Amazon store optimization, and much more. To learn about details, feel free to contact us. Our passionate team is 24/7 waiting for your call!

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